Carbon Free Electrons

Canada Clean Energy Corp. develops clean power projects using technology designed to eliminate carbon emissions while creating clean, dispatchable energy.

Made In Canada: Electric Power With Zero Carbon Emissions

NET Power has developed a technology called the Allam-Fetvedt cycle to eliminate GHG emissions from this fossil fuel generated electricity.With the help of this technology, Canada Clean Energy Corp. will build Canada’s first carbon neutral power plant.

How Does the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle Work?

  • Recycled Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) fluid expands via combustion heat and is sent through the turbine creating extremely hot CO2 and water exhaust.  
  • The exhaust is cooled through a heat exchanger to remove the water and the heat exchanger transfers back this heat efficiently to the recycled sCO2 due to the heat-attracting nature ofCO2
  • The heated CO2 is sent back to the combustion chamber where a pure oxygen and natural gas mixture is ignited continuing the cycle. 
  • A small stream of pure, pressurized and commercially ready CO2 is removed to balance the molecular mass of the added oxygen-fuel mixture.

CO2 Used To Produce Power Instead of Steam

Power is created with CO2 rather than steam. Above a certain temperature and pressured—31.1 °C (87.98 °F—carbon dioxide turns supercritical. In this state, CO2 will expand like a gas and still move with the density of a fluid.

CO2 Emission Is Then Used Again For Combustion

Supercritical CO2 exhaust expands via combustion heat and sent through the turbine creating extremely hot CO2 exhaust. The carbon dioxide’s thermal energy is transferred into supercriticalCO2 through a heat exchanger and sent back to the combustion chamber. 

Environmental Benefits

NOx or SOx  Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Water Requirement

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